Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello and thanks for stopping by. It's finally friday, ain't that wonderful.. It's especially wonderful after a busy week with tests, presentations and throwing a birthday party for someone. My week contained all of that, I prefer busy weeks to boring ones, but I'm glad I can chill tonight. It seemed like a good time to sit down and tell you a little bit about stuff, so here's the haul for you. Shampoo and some nice little things. The highlight in my opinion is the top, though. As you can see I got another black tube-top and that's kind of funny, cause I got one last time, right? Well, when I bought the tribal top at BikBok, I got the tube-top for free! The nice lady just put it in my bag and when I came home, I saw that it was actually pretty pricey. Lucky me. Moving on to the other things, I got the ring in BikBok and the rest in Cubus. The shampoo I was using before, didn't work for me, so I bought this cleansing one and Argan Oil conditioner. I love to actually finish products and then repurchasing them. The same if I can't use something and I have to try it from another brand. I'm looking forward to wearing all those things during spring/summer! I hope you enjoy this post and what's your favorite spring/summer-look? Would you like me to do a styling post with these things?

The nailpilish from MaxFactor is called "Angel nails." It's a silver-beige
metallic colour and it stays on for a long time. 

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