Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cocoa & Cream

Hello guys, today I want to share my makeup-and outfit of the day. I was really inspired to let my dark hair down and wear something creme-coloured to create a constrast I really love. My entire look is pretty warm-toned, as you can see by the makeup. In order to still keep it a little edgy, I added black shorts, instead of blue bottoms. The outfit was finished of with my burgundy converse.
I hope you like the pics my awesome mom was kind enough to take. Have a lovely weekend, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't Waste Your Time, Or Time Will Waste You

 This is my faux leather-jacket from Germany. Unfortunately, I don't get to wear it often lately, but I really wanted to share with you guys. The fabric-detail underneath the armpit is so awesome, and makes it even more edgy. I'm looking forward to pairing it with vintage-looking blouses. Tender ones, with lots of lace. The combination of black leather and light coloured girly pieces, is so appealing to me.
I hope you enjoy the pics and have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Small Goods

Here are the few make-up and generally small items I bought in Germany. I know it's not alot, but I do love every single thing and use them almost everyday. I hope you enjoy the pics, thank you for stopping by

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The DaVinci Shirt

I am utterly stunned by the graphics on this piece, guys! Look at at! I absolutely love the fond and style of the drawings. It's so delightfully ancient-looking and slightly creepy-what more could you want. The writing resembles DaVinci's notes so much, it always reminds me of his style. The graphics are so me, I don't know how else to put it. It's not like it expresses my hobbies, cause I don't usually dissect bodies, but you know what I mean. It was bitter cold today, so I put it on and took a few shots just for you. Let me know what you think and what you want to see more of! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Break

Hello there, I hope you're having a good day, dear visitor. I went to my homecountry, Germany, during Christmas-break. This post is mostly about my journey, I picked the most interesting pics of my hometown and some outfits. I hope you enjoy them and are looking forward to the small, but neat haul I'll be posting! 

 Every single time I was getting a ride, I got totally lost in the landscape. Not because it's anything spectacular, but simply because I could see so unbeliveably far. The fields stretched over settle arches, for miles and miles, as far as one could see. It had become completely unusual for me living in Norway, although I visit Germany quiet frequently. I also met up with my best friend there, hadn't seen her for over 5 years. You know that moment when you mean someone after a long time, give eachother a hug, and then it's just like before? Like those five, ten, twenty years just vanish? We totally had that, clicked at once, and had an awesome time. In the picture below I was in a restauraunt with her.

Of course I visited my hometown as well. Is was so nice to be there again, so many memories surfaced. 

Happy New Year!!! I hope you had an awesome New Years' Eve and may all your wishes and resolutions come true.