Saturday, September 26, 2015

Clean Fall Look

Step-by-step on this fall look for y'all. Hope you enjoy and find it easy to follow! 

 I started with a medium-coverage shimmery base. 
 Added the slightest bit of contour and powder highlighter.
Brows. Matt highlighter underneath them. 
I focused extra on them, even did my bottom ones for once, because I won't be using any shadow or liner. 
 Add the red lip and some gold inner-corner highlight, and voilĂ !

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cupcake Frosting

So I did this weirdly, unusually sweet makeup look and wanted to show you guys. It's a little tutorial kinda-thing for you. Hope you enjoy! 

 Prime your eyes people. I used a glittery one in my inner corner because I had it, but just use what you have . 

 Put a matte beige underneath your brown. Then pack on matte grey shadow on the lid.

 As you can see, I applied the grey shadow in an elongated "V" shape. Then packed on glittery pink.

When I do a cat-eye, I sometimes trace the line with dark shadow first. So that was step one here before the actual liquid liner.