Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Makeup and First Impressions

 Hello everybody, hope you're having great holidays! In this post I'll show you what makeup I got and what my first thoughts are. I tried everything out the other day and the shadow base is a repurchase. I hope you find this post informative. 

 I used this brush with my liquid foundation. I noticed that I needed a little more product than usual, but the coverage was very nice. My skin looked even and there were no visible brush-strokes or anything. All in all I really like it so far! Obviously can't say anything about shedding yet.

 This is a waterproof mascara. I never use them normally, but all the ARTDECO products in this post came in a set. The wand is medium sized. I found the formula to be quiet wet and get some on my browbone in the prosses of doing my makeup. Besides that, it's okay. Nothing spectacular. I'm looking forward for it trying out a little bit. 
The classic brightening concealer. It's medium/light coverage I'd say and it blends very nicely. This concealer is about 1,5/2 shades ligher than my skin, which I think is perfect for undereye/highlighting concealers. I would recommend you using a translucent or lighter powder to set it, because of its slightly weak coverage. The staying power is good, about 8 hours I'd say. 

Furthermore in the set, there was a black pencil liner. I've used it on my waterline, and it's not the blackest. I find it stings my eyes more than other pencil liners too. It's alright, but you can get some much blacker and more pleasent ones from Maybelline or L'oĆ©ral.  

The ARTDECO Shadow Base is the last item in the set. I have used it before and like it very much. The only possible downside is that it's glittery, which could ruin some matt looks. Also it dries out after a couple of months because of the packaging and how much of the product is exposed to air once you open it. I'm currently using the "Smashbox 24 hour photo finish shadow primer" which I love, in case you wondered. So the ARTDECO one won't be opened until I'm done with this one.

Again I hope you enjoyed this first impressions post and have a cheerful holiday! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you this look. Initially, I wanted to combine these pics with some industrial ones, but I didn't get around to it, sorry. I figured I'd rather post now but driving by an industrial area was my inspiration.
I really hope you enjoy, have a nice sunday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Black Second Skin

I got these awesome jeggings and wanted to show you some ways to style them! I can't understand how I lived without a pair of these.. Hope you guys enjoy the pics, I'm sorry I couldn't catch the sunlight for you. Have a great day!