Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Converse again.

Today I had a nice day, I hope you did as well. I was inspired by an outfit I saw and found something similiar in my closet, the weather was nice in the morning and it was great talking to my friends at school. Wearing something that feels right considering my mood, really contributes to making my day. I threw on this plain long sweater and my beloved printed pants. I think they balance out eachother very well, because one's plain and oversized and the other has interesting print and a tight fit. I also love the combination of different grey-tones and it's just really me. These pics were taken after I came home from school and it was really windy, so.. Just explaining the wild hair. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe get inspired! 

ah, my beloved converse.. I haven't worn them for several months due to the weather. It was
either cold or wet.. But today I did and I remembered  how much I love them. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

If only closed minds came with closed mouths

Today I wanted to share this super cozy jumper with you. I wore it two days in a row now, only yesterday I went to town with my friend and didn't bring our good camera. As you might see, the jumper is oversized and I love that about it. It still has some shape to it and looks great with some tight bottoms. My dad & I walked to town today and I didn't miss the chance to get some good shots for coffeeandclothes. I Hope y'all enjoy this outfit and little sneekpeek into my town. 

Here's an attempt of a close-up of my jewellery. I was wearing two chunky rings
and a rather dainty one. All silver with different coloured stones. My nailpolish is by Viva-la Diva
and I highly recommend their nailpolishes! Very affordable and last for days.

These boots are super comfortable and I love their style. To pair with them, I
bought this pair of woolen socks at H&M yesterday. I was so happy to find them,
they're the perfect colour, knee-high & were on sale. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Haul & Demo Pics

Today I have a haul for you guys :) It's what I bought on the trip to town I talked about, in my latest post. I also bought some more stuff than on the picture, such as hairspray and lipbalm.. But I figured since they  can't be demonstrated with a picture, there's no point. Don't you think? If you'd like pictures and maybe reviews about things like that, tell me in the comments :)  
So excited about H&M lipsticks! I was looking for a dark red/purple, but I didn't know if it would suit me..
I almost bought some liptint for twice as much money, but then I saw these! 
Demo of the nude lipstick called "Bare if you Dare"
It's slightly glittery, pretty good pigmentation & has an awesome fruity scent

Here I'm wearing the other lipstick in "Wild Thing" and the Nivea BBCream in light.
The lipstick is very buildable, so you can wear it casually when dabbed on the lips and
blended out with lipbalm.

As you can see, it can get quite dark. You can definately achieve the colour
shown on the bottom of the tube. It's matt and has the same sent as the nude colour.
The cheap monday shirt. It's very soft :) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Outfit of the day

Today we went to town for some shopping. I needed some essentials that I ran out of and I will do a haul about them soon. I had to get ready quickly, so I chose this blouse- It's interesting and doesn't need much jewellery. My DIY demin-vest for some edge and some booties I rarely wear. What do you grab when you have no time, but you want to look put together? 
My FOTD consists of black eveshadow on the lashline and smudged onto the lid. Finished of with
peachy blush and nude lips. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dark and Beautiful

Sometimes you come across these songs.. Listening to them, simply makes you close your eyes, because of the beautiful melody. You know what I mean? Then you've been that lucky too.. Well, anyways, 
is it for me.
 "Closer" by Kings of Leon. Listen to it. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Grunge

So today I really felt like layering my tops. I know, this isn't very extreme, but unfortunately I don't have a cool-toned scarf or a jacket that would've made this better. I really love the grungy look with some skin-tight bottoms, alot of layers on top and some "heavy" footwear. Maybe some day I'll go all out with sheer tights and an oversized demin-jacket..
But today, this had to do! 
I love this sleeveless shirt... especially the pattern. Need more of that pattern in my life.
My necklace is from BikBok and the nailpolish is "Chinchilly" by Essie

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Step by Step

 I was lucky to get a lovely eyeshadow-palette and brushes for my birthday. Being as excited and curious as always, I had to try them the next day. As you can see, I created a silver-black smokey eye. I hope you enjoy this post that show how to create this look, step by step. 
Palette from H&M, double-ended brush too and Artdeco eyeshadow-base from Esthetique

First I applied the medium-silver to the inner half of the lid
Then I applied the matt black to my top lashline and a little to my bottom one as well

The last eyeshadow step is to apply the dark-silver to the crease

Finish of with liner on top of the black shadow and mascara

Hope you like it! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Birthday =)
Friday the 8th was my birthday. I celebrated at home, with my girlfriends. I was so happy to have them there, they were great company! We ordered pizza, had cake and played charade. I really advice you to try that at a party, it's always hilarious! I made the cards myself, so you don't need to buy anything. I chose to wear a black tight skirt and a colourful, long blouse. For make-up, I wore silver eyeshadow and bronzer. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I got these pants in H&M on sale some weeks ago and really love them! They're black/darkblue with grey/purple print on them. I bought them because I have alot of plain tops/sweaters, so these would go with alot. They give the outfit some individuality, even when only paired with plain items. I've put together some outfits for you, to show possible ways to wear them: 

A rather boho-look
.. with a denim-vest to make it more edgy. (made it myself :) )

Or more rock
with a cozy sweater  :) 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nice to meet you

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. 
This is my blog. My first blog and very first blogpost. 
I wanted to create this primarely to share my clothing style and some pictures of inspiring things. I'm a teenage girl (almost 17) and live in Norway. I'm german though. My inspirations are Taylor Momsen, Kat von D and some awesome bloggers and youtubers. Of course not only people that know their fashion, but also those who succeded being happy, are inspiring! To give you a better picture of who you're reading about, I'll tell you some things I love.. Horror movies, old books, old-looking jewellery, rock-music, HipHop-dancing, grunge and sweets. I hope some of those made you smile and are relatable!
 I believe this blog will mostly be about fashion, but probably some quotes and random pictures will be included, too.  If there's anything I could add or talk about to make this more interesting, please tell me! I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and love for fashion with you and hope to inspire someone to be themselves and get that out there :)