Monday, July 29, 2013

That Summer Day..

Hey there you :) How have your summer holidays been so far? I hope you're having a good time, because on the 27. I had one of the best days ever. I went to a summerfestival on the island Giske. There were so many great bands there, most of them I'd never heard of, but I was pleasently surprised. I went with my boyfriend and two friends, by buss. We arrived at half past one and started exploring first thing.. There were many stands there, representing organizations like Amnesty International and some local ones. Of course, I had to get a helium-balloon. I called her Susie, she got annoying after some time tough, so I set her free agian.
We also walked into a big buildig where people could buy and eat food. Of course, we got a piece of that delicious creamy-fruit cake.
To my surprise, even though it was early in the day, the music was already really good. We saw a band called "Big Bang" which was amazing! And another one called "Orango", you gotta check them out, they're really cool and their drummer is a show himself.
We did alot of people-watching while sitting in the sun, and let me tell you, there were soo many stylish individuals! Some had flowers in their hair, wore band tee's, jumpsuits or tribal print. It was very inspiring and I was glad many people bothered to dress for the occasion and spend time on their outfit.
Towards the evening, I was getting really excited for THE BAND-Kaizers Orchestra was performing at 22:00. We were at their stage 45 min. before, to get good spots. We indeed winded up on the third row right in the middle. And there we stood waiting.. The stage was decorated with an awesome vintage background and their signature drumset, with the gassmask, was sitting there too.
We were all very excited. After a long time waiting, the band members started to walk on stage.
I'm telling you, I got a heart attack. They were right in front of me! I was totally fangirling.. They all looked great in their suits. Anyways, I'll let you see for yourself now.. In my opinion, the show was amazing. From the vocals to Janove's dancemoves. I had a blast! Here are some pics, hope you enjoy!

btw, met Terje from Kaizers.. OMG I was fangirling so hard. He was so chill, though. 

Ombre nails! Gonna make a post about the tecnique soon :)
Converse.. they were just perfect for that. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Tribal

Hello everyone! The last two days have been wonderful here at home and I've been bussy working outside and sunbathing! I also took a trip to town yesterday and chilled on my boyfriends' porch the day before. Naturally, I didn't really sit in front of the computer all too much, but I felt like it was time to post again! As soon as it got warm, I got out all my shorts and made them ready to wear. Some had to be distressed, some had to be ironed. I finished that, painted my nails and finally put together a summer-outfit. This is my mom's singlet, I love the print so much. I paired it with my blue shorts, because I love neutral colours and denim together. On top I threw on this cream knit cardi, because you never know. I live by the sea, so it's always windy. Also, I've been experimenting with saturation-curves and such on photoscape, how do you like it?
I hope you liked this outfit :)  and let me know what your favorite summer-peace is!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Blues

Today is about the fourth grey, rainy day in a row and that influenced my outfit. I actually found this old olive cardigan when packing for vacation and I got so sad, because I hadn't worn it during winter! It had been tucked away in my closet for that long.  My mum told me not to worry, "when we're back, you'll have many chances to wear it" and she was right.
The t-shirt is from mango (ooh, this is partially a haul). I love it's cut,  as you can see, it has a rounded hemline.
 I'm also wearing the brown-black bracelet from the last post and the silver ring, which is gigantic. My necklace is from a trip to Berlin two years ago. 
And btw, I tried the new black nailpolish today! It's awesome, actually! As far as the colour goes, it only took 2 coats to get a superblack, glossy result. We'll see how long it stays on.. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the post. I just tried to make the best out of this shitty weather.. I actually found myself falling for grunge again, missed it so much after all the girliness during the vacation! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Treasures

Hello everyone, so nice to be back writing on my own laptop! I'm very excited to show you all the stuff I got, except of the clothes and shoes. I decided to go with the polish and jewellery first, 'cause it's a rainy cold sunday, the wind's howling and the sea outside my window's dark.. 
Basically, not a day to dress up.
To be honest, since the tickets had been ordered, I've been thinking about what to do there. (Let's just say I went to a place where I have alot of family.) But frankly, my thoughts've been mostly about shopping. I imagined who would join me, but the products made me most excited.
When I actually came there, however, it all changed. I wanted to be with my cousins and aunts. And if we could go shopping, that was a nice bonus. I had some things I needed to buy, but aside from those, I was very relaxed about my wishlist. It was just that, wish-list. If I'd get it-great , if not-oh well.
I hope that explains why there's not alot here, even though I went for a 3 week trip.
Enjoy the pictures, and thanks for reading! Have a nice day :) 

the mac shadow in "orb" 

Friday, July 5, 2013

No One's Gonna Take Us Alive

Hello there, today I have a collective outfit-post for you. I'm still on vacation and took some more shots of the nature and my outfits. I actually downloaded photoscape onto the computer I'm using over here, so you get the same quality as you're used to. Yesterday the internet was so bad that I couldn't upload, even though I had enough pics for a post. But on the bright side, the last one's were taken today, and still made it into this post. I've been listening to alot of rock lately, Muse among others, as you can tell from the title. I hope you're also having a great vacation!
 Let me know what you think and thanks for reading :)