Monday, August 26, 2013

Silk Waves

Hello guys
As you probably know, Norwegian weather struggles with the concept of summer.. But on Saturday something weird happened, and it got really warm outside! I was still feeling kind of sick and feverish (had to stay home from school on friday) but I really wanted to go shopping. So me and mum agreed to take a trip to the mall, and it was actually the perfect opprtunity to wear this skirt. You know, good weather isn't enough.. If I wanna wear it, the occasion's gotta be right too. I couldn't wear this at school, for example. I would feel way overdressed and it would constantly be in my way. 
If you can believe it, I bought it on vacation and this was only the second time I ever wore it. 
To be fair, it was to long when I bought it and my mum didn't sew it until we were home again.. But still! I love it so much, it's the perfect maxi-skirt for me. Exactly what I was looking for.
As you can see, I paired it with a plain white tee and some silver jewellery.
I hope you enjoy the pics! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School, Back to Knowledge

Hey everyone :) How are you all doing? If you also started school again today (19.08) let me know!
As for me, I wanted to tell you about my first day in 12th grade. School started at 12o'clock, which is very nice and chill, but I managed to come to late anywas.. The bus didn't go all the way to my school! I had no idea and had to walk the rest of the way. Since it was five to 12 at this point, I was superstressed.. Anyhow, I arrived at school 12:15 and then stood infront of the classroom. My boyfriend had met me half way and now we stood there together. He had already gotten his info, so now I stood there nervous as fudge, while he calmed me down. I was so terrified of walking into the room with new people and a new teacher! It took me about three minutes of panic and sweat, but then I finally knocked and opened the door. Thank GOD the teacher was a nice lady... We found a spot for me and I could borrow her chair.. As soon as I sat down, I calmed down and forgot the grins my classmates were giving me. When we went through the curriculum for the next semester, I couldn't stop smiling.. -I guess everyone is geeky about something and in my case it's Literature and History. The plan for the next term was to read Hamlet, analyze a bunch of stuff and learm about eras like the Renaissanse and the Barouque. I'm looking forward to this so much, though while we were told about that, I could practicly feel my classmates roll their eyes- so please tell me I'm not alone!
Later we got all our books and I had to borrow a beautiful yellow plastic-bag, because I only bought the bag that you can see below.
When I came home I wrote the schedule into my planner, and after writing this, I'm going to pack for the first legit schoolday.
Tell me what you think about back to school. Do you like shopping for the supplies? I definately love it!
Have a nice week, weather you went back to school, or not.
Thank you so much for stopping by
My new baby!! I'm telling you guys, thriftshops are goldmines 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Light it up

So here is my "new" baby! I'm proud to present you the result of my little project. I've had this denimvest for many years.. First it was a jacket.. Then, I cut the sleeves off and made some holes. I did like it more that way, but was still kinda put off by the intense blue colour. Appearently, I always wanted it to be a neutral peace and as you can see, it was not. So, without further ado, here's how I bleached it:
You need: An open space. Do this on a balcony or in your backyard. A big garbage bag to protect the floor.
Rubber gloves.  Bleach and a spraybottle. (You can just fill a bucket and put your item in there, but I think that's wasteful)
Your denim piece. Shorts, a jacket or a vest.
So, after I layed down my garbage bag and filled the spraybottle, I put on a glove and got started. Another reason why I didn't use a bucket was that I wanted a certain transition. As you can see, the sides are slightly darker than the area around the buttons. I wanted those "lines" to be extra light, so I sprayed on more layers.
If you're going to use this method, be patient. Just cover the piece all over first, and then concentrate on cetain areas. Don't forget to turn it around, though, hehe. You're not going to see the effect until 15 min. have passed, so it's probably smart to take breaks inbetween the spraying. Just to see if it's enough.
When your item has the colour you want, throw it in the washingmachine on a pretty low teperature. That will stop the bleaching prosses and lock the colour in.
I hope this instruction was helpful and clear.. If you try it or have questions, please let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by.

After about 10 min. of constant spraying.  
Sorry for the quality, mobile shot.. But here she is again & I'm wearing her all the time..

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Festival Ombre Tutorial

After some time, here it finally is! I'm so sorry it almost took a week for me to post this. You know, I did do this manicure yesterday and took pictures, but I wasn't pleased with the results. It's very hard to snap shots while doing this, 'cause the polish is drying, and you gotta pick up the camera and watch the wet polish & blabla..  Today, though, I asked my mom to take the pics, and it came out blog-worthy! Or should I say, reader-worthy. As you can see, because of the delay and since I felt inspired, I threw another colour-combination in this post. I hope you like at least one of them, but honestly, the combinations are endless! If you have longer nails, you could do three colours. 
Yellow, orange and red. Mint, light blue and turqiouse. White, pink and purple. White, grey and black.

What you will need: At least two nailpolishes of your choice. A clean surface, such as a lid. A clear-coat. Spongey-material, mine is from old headphones. Something pointy to blend the polish. Q-tip and acetone to clean your skin. 
Anyways, here are the steps to get this design: 

Put your polishes on a clean surface. Make sure to put on enough and blend out the edges.
I recommend rolling the sponge onto the polish and then onto your nail. At least, at first, then pad it to blurr the edges.
Clean up with a q-tip dipped in acetone. Putting on a clear-coat right after,
 helps blurring the edges even more.