Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fancy Friday

Hey you, thank you so much for coming by! Here's a simple outfit of the day for you guys. I had never combined these pieces like that before, and I loved the outcome, so I'd like to share it. I really like the shape the cardigan gets when its buttoned. The rest is pretty selfexplanatory, I'd love you to take a look! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Purple Haze

Man, no face should be that big..
I'm determined to post more often for you guys, at least twice a week. So, wish me luck with that..
Here's one of the looks you could wear during Fall. As you can see, it incorparetes purple, which I think makes brown eyes pop. I put some grey in the crease and toned down the lips with some nude liner.
Tell me what you think ! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Favorites and News

Pics of some of my favorite products lately. Some are very new, some I've already tried out and fallen in love with. Let me know if you have any of these or what your Fall-favorites are!

 The Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
 Overall, I really like it. It's pretty thick and I cover sections of my face at a time, instead of dotting it all over. The coverage is perfect for slightly uneven pigmentation and red spots. The finish is so matt that I somethimes skip powder. The only minus is the lasting-power..There's hardly anything left at the end of a schoolday. 

The Nivea Lip Butter
This product has a very nice warm scent. It's a white, very sheer lipbalm that moisturises very well. A thick layer before bed guarantees silky soft lips the next morning. It's affortable and, in my opinion, comparable to the Korres Lip Butters. You really can't go wrong with this baby. 

The Body Shop Brazil Nut
Cream Body Scrub
I just got this today. I was completely out of bodyscrub, and since winter is coming, I find it important to have one. I've tried the Vanilla Body Scrub which was a limited edition during christmas, and I loved it. This seems similiar in texture and the smell is awesome. Nutty, but not too heavy. I'll let you know how this makes my skin feel!

Essie Allure Nailpolish
I got this color because I didn't own anything that was lighter than my skin. I love nude nails for the colder months, especially with contrasting dark makeup or clothes. This polish dries clear with one coat and has a beautiful milky finish with two. The nails look clean and neat.

Maybelline 287 Midnight Red Nailpolish
Burgundy is an absolute essential for fall/winter. The one I had was getting thick and gooey, so it had to go..
This polish looks nice with one coat, but still a little uneven. Two coats give a glossy finish. The staying power is not the strongest, maybe 3 days. I love the brush as well, not as wide as the essie ones. Overall a nice polish for this season.

Dove Shea Butter & Vanilla  Nourishing Lotion

A great skincare product. I really love this guys. It smells wonderful, really moisturises and sinks in withing 15 min. That's really important to me, for example, I stopped using bodybutters for that reason. But when I put this on after the shower, it sinks in while I brush my teeth and moisturise my face. Absolutely recommending it to you!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Away From The Harbour

Hello there! How nice of you to stick arround while I've been neglecting my poor blog.. As "compensation" I've got some nearly professional shots for you, though! The other day I met up with a friend who knows a great deal about photography and has an amazing camera. She was kind enough to take some pictures by the Harbor.
I tried to put on as many new items as possible, and I think I did pretty well.
The sweater and pants are from H&M. I went a little out of my comfort-zone and wore nothing underneath the sweater, but hey.. It's just 2 inches of belly showing.
I also added a statement necklace to tie the look together.
By the way, I cut my hair! It had gotten so dry, I couldn't handle touching it, let alone styling..
I'm kinda proud of the hair that frames my face, I cut that myself. Since I screwed up the last time, I prograstinated and tried to reach a hairdresser, but it went well this time.
I'm very happy with the results and I hope you enjoy this post!
Thank you for following :)