Monday, March 11, 2013

Short update

Hey there guys. So this will be another random post, I wanted to throw in something until I can post about my recent purchases made on saturday. I got some clothing and one pretty ass nailpolish, so expect a longer post soon! On Friday I was at the mall with two friends, I bought a latte to treat myself. Sometimes the people are all that matters, we didn't even do anything in particular yet it was such a nice little trip. On Saturday, me and my mom went to town and when we sat down for another coffee, I thought "this weekend is officially a success".  Later that day I went to a birthday-party, the theme was "Fairytale". While everyone dresses as princesses, I went for a badass witch-costume. It was a fun night. 
What would you dress up as? And also, what coffee do you like? 

I woke up to snow today. Just when I thought spring was closing up.. BOOM-northpole.
My latest drawing. I worked on it for quite a while,
hope you like it! 


  1. Your pic at the fire place is just gorgeous!!! I do like it a lot!!! And the drawing is really amazing, never stop developing your skills!!!