Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tartan Baby

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by!
I recently got this badass tartan skirt and wanted to share 3 ways I would wear it. There are many more combos, I'm sure, but this it what I came up with today. I think it's a very versatile piece that will last me for years. Hope you enjoy the pics 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Outfit by the Sea

 Hello there, thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having a great day. Here's some pics my friend took of my outfit the other day. It was honestly way to cold for this light jacket, but I just love the colour and everything about it. I had just been sick, and guess what, I am again. Considering all that it was still worth it, I love how the pics came out and hope that you'll tell me what you think

Sunday, November 2, 2014


 Melissa with royal blood in her veins, was once a great ruler. The people feared her and she was pleased with that, prefered it over being loved. But the cruel methods of those times reached even her one day, and the one she loved betrayed her. She will always remember the screaming crowd, hands dragging her by her diry arms.. but after that there is only a blank. She doesn't need to know. She will forever remain the queen, even though now of the dead. 

 Her ghost is doomed to walk the graves forever.. perhaps because she never had one. She knows that there is no other, no equal or above. But sometimes the fear of that day in the village, amongst all these cheering peasents catches up with her.. 

 And she remembers his face, all the broken promises.. and the feeling of hatred from all these people.
And the longing for the time when she was the greatest ruler of them all.. 


 This is the first post of a big project me and a friend have been working on. In the beginning of october, I came up with the idea of creating several characters and tell their story through pictures. For the whole month of october we searched for props, fixed the costumes and looked for creepy places-all to present you with the final result. 
We ended up creating two characters-Helena and Melissa.
In this post you will witness Helena's journey, an asylum-escapee with severe paranoia and anxiety.

She's lost and frightened. The cold wind blowing from the sea makes her shiver and cold to the bone, but the voices tell her to keep going.

 All she has seen, everything they did to her at that so called hospital.. 
She'll never forget. 

She found her place now. They say she's safe here. In any case, they're prepared.

Click here to see my friends blogpost, where she edited the pics her own way.