Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet moments

On Saturday I had a photoshoot with a friend. I've been loving this kind of pictures lately, random moments and movements of people captured on pics with soft lighting. I think we managed that in some and I hope you enjoy them. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Outfit of the night

Hey there, glad you stopped by here :) I've not posted in a while, because of the same reasons as last time.. But on Saturday night I was going to town so I actually took some time to put an outfit together. Not that I didn't do that for the past week, but, you know this time we hardly have any black. Yay-Gotta switch things up, at least on the blog. So as you can see I'm wearing the brugundy jumper again, but this time with some different bottoms. You can't even call it that- it's actually a jumpsuit. I love the pattern so much, so I wore something under (tights) and over -voilĂ , I can wear it in March! Besides that I'm wearing a pretty strong cat-eye, Amy Winehouse was mentioned when my mom looked at the pics. Anyways, I have easter-holidays now and maybe I can find some interesting pieces in thrift shops or at the mall. I'll update you on that, if so. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got inspired. Have a nice day and tell me what you want me to style/post about! 

Also I made this little colage.. I thought these striped tight would look good with my studded boots. Let me know what you think

Friday, March 15, 2013


Hello and thanks for stopping by. It's finally friday, ain't that wonderful.. It's especially wonderful after a busy week with tests, presentations and throwing a birthday party for someone. My week contained all of that, I prefer busy weeks to boring ones, but I'm glad I can chill tonight. It seemed like a good time to sit down and tell you a little bit about stuff, so here's the haul for you. Shampoo and some nice little things. The highlight in my opinion is the top, though. As you can see I got another black tube-top and that's kind of funny, cause I got one last time, right? Well, when I bought the tribal top at BikBok, I got the tube-top for free! The nice lady just put it in my bag and when I came home, I saw that it was actually pretty pricey. Lucky me. Moving on to the other things, I got the ring in BikBok and the rest in Cubus. The shampoo I was using before, didn't work for me, so I bought this cleansing one and Argan Oil conditioner. I love to actually finish products and then repurchasing them. The same if I can't use something and I have to try it from another brand. I'm looking forward to wearing all those things during spring/summer! I hope you enjoy this post and what's your favorite spring/summer-look? Would you like me to do a styling post with these things?

The nailpilish from MaxFactor is called "Angel nails." It's a silver-beige
metallic colour and it stays on for a long time. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Short update

Hey there guys. So this will be another random post, I wanted to throw in something until I can post about my recent purchases made on saturday. I got some clothing and one pretty ass nailpolish, so expect a longer post soon! On Friday I was at the mall with two friends, I bought a latte to treat myself. Sometimes the people are all that matters, we didn't even do anything in particular yet it was such a nice little trip. On Saturday, me and my mom went to town and when we sat down for another coffee, I thought "this weekend is officially a success".  Later that day I went to a birthday-party, the theme was "Fairytale". While everyone dresses as princesses, I went for a badass witch-costume. It was a fun night. 
What would you dress up as? And also, what coffee do you like? 

I woke up to snow today. Just when I thought spring was closing up.. BOOM-northpole.
My latest drawing. I worked on it for quite a while,
hope you like it! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Something different.

Hey guys, today I have a quick little post for you. I haven't posted for some time, that's due to the lack of variety in my outfits.. What can I say, if I love stuff, I love stuff. But today I did wear something different. I love the way this shirt looks tucked into the highwaisted jeans, so I thought I'd share. This mens shirt from H&M was necessary, because it's always freezing at school. It worked out quite nicely, though. As you can see I was minimal with my jewellery, wearing only my beloved new earrings. You could've worn a bunch of rings with this, too, though. I've been drooling over alot of jewellery lately.. You know those arrow rings that wrap around your finger? I really want one! Or just anything silver & old-looking..
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post, which actually has a little surprise at the end. Have a nice day and thank you for following. As always, I'd be glad about suggestions and feedback. 

Occasionally, I really love a badass winged liner.

On my nails I'm wearing OPI's "Live and Let Die" It's a very dark green with gold micro-glitter. 

One of my drawings. Don't ask who this is, she just appeared on the paper as I was drawing.
Let me know what you think :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Random moments.

Hey, I hope you're well 'cause I've had such a nice day today.. The start wasn't too nice, I had a dentist appointment. I'm quit scared of their instruments and stuff. I survived, though-they gave me a numbing injection and off it went. I really don't know what all the thing they did are in English, but I guess you've been to the dentist before. Anyhow, after that, I went to school and just made it to spanish class & it was movie-time. "Original gansters" I really liked it- for the plot and acting, the violence was strong, though.. The rest of the schoolday was very nice as well, I chatted with alot of awesome people and that always makes my day. People were in such a good mood, because it's Friday and especially after the last class-everyone went crazyhappy. I went to the shopping-center nearby with my friend and we just hung out and looked around. I saw so much unique jewellery which I really want to get more of, so I might have to drag my mom there soon. After my friend was picked up, I got cake and some vanilla-tea which was delicious. I really don't mind shopping alone, mostly the people and things are so inspiring, I'm totally fine-pluss this time I had tea.
Saw this awesome bracelet, I loved because of the tribal inspired
details, but didn't have enough money with me this time. 

To get to the haul-part, here are the things I actually got. I was out of cleansing wipes, so
I bought a refill on sale, a tubetop/bra which will be handy underneath stuff and these
awesome earrings. I think they'll add edge to anything feminine such as a blouse.
(For anyone wondering, I'm wearing Essie's "Chinchilly" and random glitter. )
half an outfit of the day. 
Spring? Is that you??
I know, a severe case of optimism right here.