Saturday, April 12, 2014

March Favorites & Reviews

These are my beauty favorites and news for March/April, folks. As you can see, I love things that smell good. Let me tell you that this showerfel from Dove in the scent *goes to bathroom to check* blue fig and orange blossom, smells fantastic. It's a fruity, summery scent and I absolutely recommend it! Also, the Marc Anthony shampoo you see here, smells very strongly like vanilla or at least a warm scent. I think you'll either love it or hate it, check in the store if you can. Besides the scent, which I adore, it leaves your hair feeling like you just applied conditioner! It's also sulfate free, which has become more and more important to me lately.

This moisturiser is amazing for drier skin. It almost feels like a primer when I've applied it. Unfortunately, mine is all empty.. I absolutely recommend it, because of the results and the affordable price. 

So, the maybelliene Fit Me Foundation Stick. You'd think it's harder to smooth over the skin since it's a stick, but I assure you the texture is unique. It glides on in a thin layer and feels like a primer. I find it pretty buildable and it does not require alot of powdering. I personally love to apply my cheeck products directly on top of my foundation, since they last longer that way. They have something to stick to, and when I then powder over everything, it blends and looks really natural. The lasting power, though, is not that good. About 3 hours tops for me, without primer. 

The L'oreal Radiance Revealing Scrub attracted me, because of the fresh colour and scent. I'll take everything that makes my mornings less horrid, so I though a nice citrus-scented facewash would be nice. As you can see, though, the product itself was clear. I must admit, I was rather dissappointed and the words "false advertising" didn't leave my mind. It's a very nice scrub, though. I use it in the mornings or evenings, not both. In my head it doesn't make sense to moisturise dry skin without exfoliating it first, otherwise you're just applying product on dead skin.
I hope you guys enjoyed this favorites/review! Have a great weekend or easter holiday, like me. 

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