Friday, April 18, 2014

Get Creative

Hey guys, check out how I transformed my old earrings! The stone on one of them was gone, so I wasn't wearing them. I saw a video on Youtube by Andreaschoice called "DIY Dip Dye Accessories" and was really inspired. Please go check out her channel, she's amazing! Anyways, I had lots of time on my hands and decided to grab my old jewellery and colour it. This post will be a tutorial on how I acheived this on my earrings, a bracelet and a necklace, enjoy! 

You will need: 

When you got your supplies ready, cover your surface with some paper. Afterwards, cut up the sponge in about 4 stripes. I later found that I only need half a strap for each colour, so I cut them up again and ended up with 8 peaces. When you get that far, you're pretty much ready to colour your stuff. If you have something that you only want partially dyed, tape up the rest like I did here:

Another Pro Tip: If you want different colours on one piece, you don't have to make marks on the jewellery itself. Simply lay it down and divide it in however many sections you want. Mark the sections on your paper and occasionally lay the piece against them to keep track. That way each colour gets about the same area on your accessory.

Okay, now you're all ready! Simply pour some nailpolish onto your sponge and dap it carefully on your accessory. Remember though: If you're doing an ombré- overlap of colours, do not start dabbing where the previous colour stops. For example, look at my bracelet- we have orange next to green. When the orange colour was layd down, I did not start with green at its edge. Start dabbing at the middle of the area, because that's when you have the most colour on your sponge. Basically, go from the middle outwards.
Also, if you have a fancy manicure that you don't want to ruin, you might want to wear some thin gloves. I got some tiny splashes of polish on my nails, for instance.

The finished products: 

I painted the dots directly with the nailpolish brush. I also layed over a piece of cotton over the top and taped it. When I was done patting the sides, I took off the cotton-protection and repainted the edged the sponge didn't get to.

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