Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Tribal

Hello everyone! The last two days have been wonderful here at home and I've been bussy working outside and sunbathing! I also took a trip to town yesterday and chilled on my boyfriends' porch the day before. Naturally, I didn't really sit in front of the computer all too much, but I felt like it was time to post again! As soon as it got warm, I got out all my shorts and made them ready to wear. Some had to be distressed, some had to be ironed. I finished that, painted my nails and finally put together a summer-outfit. This is my mom's singlet, I love the print so much. I paired it with my blue shorts, because I love neutral colours and denim together. On top I threw on this cream knit cardi, because you never know. I live by the sea, so it's always windy. Also, I've been experimenting with saturation-curves and such on photoscape, how do you like it?
I hope you liked this outfit :)  and let me know what your favorite summer-peace is!

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