Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer in my hand

I wanted to share my newest little treasure with you. Essie's "Orange, it's Obvious!" 
I've been wanting an orange nailpolish for so long, and last week my mum saw it on sale and picked it up for me! Finally, I have the summer colour, in my opinion. It will look beautiful with white, teal or grey clothes.
I'm really looking forward to pairing it with outfits like this, when it gets really hot.
As far as the application prosses: I find the brush a little too wide. On one hand, it paints my pinkie-nail in
one stroke, on the other, it paints the skin too.
If you have bigger nails, though, it's very nice. The texture it perfect and two coats are completely enough. 
In the pics, I'm wearing a clear topcoat by GOSH. The next colours on my wishlist are white, peach and mint.
Hope you enjoyed this post, have a lovely day :)

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