Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Converse again.

Today I had a nice day, I hope you did as well. I was inspired by an outfit I saw and found something similiar in my closet, the weather was nice in the morning and it was great talking to my friends at school. Wearing something that feels right considering my mood, really contributes to making my day. I threw on this plain long sweater and my beloved printed pants. I think they balance out eachother very well, because one's plain and oversized and the other has interesting print and a tight fit. I also love the combination of different grey-tones and it's just really me. These pics were taken after I came home from school and it was really windy, so.. Just explaining the wild hair. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe get inspired! 

ah, my beloved converse.. I haven't worn them for several months due to the weather. It was
either cold or wet.. But today I did and I remembered  how much I love them. 


  1. Your outfit is lovely! You're awesome<3

  2. You see that's percisely what keeps me posting! Thank you <3