Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nice to meet you

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. 
This is my blog. My first blog and very first blogpost. 
I wanted to create this primarely to share my clothing style and some pictures of inspiring things. I'm a teenage girl (almost 17) and live in Norway. I'm german though. My inspirations are Taylor Momsen, Kat von D and some awesome bloggers and youtubers. Of course not only people that know their fashion, but also those who succeded being happy, are inspiring! To give you a better picture of who you're reading about, I'll tell you some things I love.. Horror movies, old books, old-looking jewellery, rock-music, HipHop-dancing, grunge and sweets. I hope some of those made you smile and are relatable!
 I believe this blog will mostly be about fashion, but probably some quotes and random pictures will be included, too.  If there's anything I could add or talk about to make this more interesting, please tell me! I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and love for fashion with you and hope to inspire someone to be themselves and get that out there :) 

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