Monday, January 4, 2016

Step by Step NYE Makeup

 Hey there! I'm glad you clicked in to check out this tutorial for the look above. It was my New Year's makeup, and because I had too much fun that night to take any high quality pics, I decided to recreate it for you guys. With daylight and everything! So here I am starting off with a bare face and only eyebrows done. 

 Then I prime my lids and even them out with a light matte shadow. This helps create an even canvas and shadow blends much easier on top of another powder than right on top of a sticky base such as primer.

 First I defined the crease slightly with a cool contour shade. Then I went in with a deeper brown and focused on the outer V. The third step is to add a wing with very dark brown shadow, also a line along the top & bottom lashes. 

We're keeping the inner half or 2/3 of the lid light! I added shimmery champagne shadow there and in the inner corner. As you can see the crease line is quite sharp. 

 Face-makeup on and POW! This is my New Year's face. Naturally I added mascara on the top and bottom lashes and on New Year's I was wearing falsies for once wich was superfun.

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