Sunday, November 2, 2014


 Melissa with royal blood in her veins, was once a great ruler. The people feared her and she was pleased with that, prefered it over being loved. But the cruel methods of those times reached even her one day, and the one she loved betrayed her. She will always remember the screaming crowd, hands dragging her by her diry arms.. but after that there is only a blank. She doesn't need to know. She will forever remain the queen, even though now of the dead. 

 Her ghost is doomed to walk the graves forever.. perhaps because she never had one. She knows that there is no other, no equal or above. But sometimes the fear of that day in the village, amongst all these cheering peasents catches up with her.. 

 And she remembers his face, all the broken promises.. and the feeling of hatred from all these people.
And the longing for the time when she was the greatest ruler of them all.. 

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